Timothy Schultz - Editor

BIO: Timothy Schultz began editing at age 19, when he started cutting together animatics for Sony and Warner Bros. At that point he knew editing was for him. He has worked steadily ever since, editing on projects such as Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia and The Academy Awards. Timothy credits his passion and success to the Universal Studios backlot tour, which he frequented as a child. “Not only did the backlot tour give me a love for the process of making television, but it also taught me French! Facade: a French word meaning false front.”

For a list of credits please visit - Imdb.me/evilschultz

Mentor! - #startwith8

I was lucky enough to stumble upon this program via Twitter and highly recomend anyone in the industry to take the time to mentor. It was a privliage to do this and I made some great lifelong friends from it. Check out startwith8.com to learn more.

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